I recently purchased some heavy-duty plastic storage boxes online, and the quality was brilliant. Also, I found as it says in the description of the product, that it can be used in many applications including green car parking areas, private lanes, access roads, construction sites, greenhouse soak away, and as a base for decking and garden sheds. 

It was so ideal and easy to fit together, me and my husband done this with ease but also, we had a little help from our kids. The heavy-duty grass grids are tough and flexible, and are easy to install as we realized when putting them together, making it the ideal choice for a wide of projects you are undertaking.

Another great thing about this product is the fact it was manufactured within the United Kingdom and is made from 100% recycled material, personally I think this is great due to the fact it’s made where were from but also it is beneficial to the environment as it helps solve the wastage problems we suffer, by recycling waste material into this solid product. We used the grids for our garden to level it out as it was on a slant, so we unearthed it, packed it down, straightened it out using the grids, then put soil over them and finally laid it over with artificial grass.

The garden is perfect it is now, it is a great area of space in our home. We did a lot of work to it, and it is the main place to relax when we have visitors over, but also a fun plane for the kids to play. We found the grass grid to be so useful and I would recommend this product as it is of great value as it is a versatile product. We have friends who seen our garden and then went and purchased the grids, and found them very useful in the way they use them so it clearly does its job and is a great product.

Also, I purchased the 110 litre dustbin so that I could put away branches and leaves from my garden so then garden always looks clean. The great thing about this product is, that it is manufactured here in the UK so it is locally sourced; but also, that it is made from strong food grade plastic, which I believe makes it perfect any home or garden. I found it so easy to move around due to its carry handles on this bin. Also, I found that due to its locking lid it was rodent free, which was great for me and my mum due to the fact nothing could get into the bin with the potatoes.

Therefore, if you do not want to find the contents of your bin all over your patio, garden or driveway, then this outdoor bin is what you need. Plus, due to it being able to use both indoors and outdoors, it is a great versatile product which I would recommend to anyone with storage problems like myself, even plastic containers for schools can be found. The customer service was also great as they were very friendly, and answered any questions I had ask about their products.

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